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wild coast



Ithuba Wild Coast Community College (IWCCC) is located at the Mzamba Mouth near Mbizana, Eastern Cape Province. It is part of the former ‘bantustan’/’homeland’ of the Transkei. The catchment area of the school is a predominantly disadvantaged rural community. Unemployment is high. Many households depend on social grants and subsistence agriculture. The area’s historic status as a ‘bantustan/homeland’ resulted in severe underdevelopment in terms of transport, health, civic, and educational infrastructures.

Our mission is to create a sustainable, socially inclusive learning space that offers high quality general education. To achieve this, we work in support of the educational offerings of the public education system on a local level, as well as contributing to the improvement of the inhabitants’ living conditions.


Now teaching over 300 learners from pre-school to grade 7, our classes are small, limited to 35 learners. Due to this, our teachers are able to provide the students with individualised and comprehensive support in academic, creative, social, physical, and professional areas.

Our first class graduated in 2018 and former pupils consistently dominate the top 10 academic places in their classes at high school. We aim to prepare our students for success and to act in self-determination and solidarity.

This communal effort encourages students to contribute to the sustainable development of their households, community, local environment and a diverse and democratic South Africa as a global society.


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Enrolment for students takes place in May of the previous year. Our academic year is divided into four terms, ending in December.

Compulsory schooling begins with a kindergarten year (grade R) and continues for a minimum of 9 years and a maximum of 12, ending with Matric. Currently, IWCCC teaches students from grade R to grade 7.

Our school days begin at 7:45 AM and end at 1:00 PM.

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