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Located 35km southeast of the Johannesburg city centre, the Ithuba Community College Johannesburg (ICC JHB) lies on the edge of Katlehong, the second largest township in South Africa and one of the poorest areas in Johannesburg.


The college’s catchment area is a marginalized urban area with a high level of poor households and informal settlements. Unemployment amongst young people is above 60%. The availability of schools and training facilities is limited. Children and youth often grow up in social environments where positive freedoms and choices are limited. ICC JHB aims at providing quality education to children and youth in the community.


ICC JHB currently teaches 268 learners. In addition, it provides vocational education at its Skills College for 190 young adults every year.

At ICC JHB, we teach learners from grade R to grade 7. We offer support for graduates transitioning into secondary education. This is managed in partnership with Katlehong School of Specialisation, which is an elite vocational school operated by the Gauteng Department of Education. Katlehong SoS provides our learners with free access (including transport) to quality education, right up until matriculation.

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ICC JHB is an inclusive learning space offering quality education to children and youth. We support the public education system and seek to improve the educational offerings available locally. We provide our learners with individual support to develop their academic, creative, social, physical and vocational competences.


Our graduates act in self-determination and solidarity. They contribute to the sustainable development of their households, their community and a diverse and democratic South Africa within a global society.

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Parent Information

Enrolment takes place in May, the year before the student begins. The academic year is divided into four terms, ending in December.


The school day starts at 7:30 a.m. and ends at 3 p.m.


Our entrepreneurship education, skills and aftercare programmes run from Monday to Thursday, starting at 2:00 p.m. and ending at 3:00 p.m. All supervision of learners ends at 4:00 p.m.

Compulsory schooling begins with kindergarten (grade R) and lasts at least 9 years, with a maximum of 12 school years ending with matriculation.

At ICC JHB, we teach students from grade R to grade 7. We offer support for graduates transitioning into further education. This is managed in partnership with a neighbouring high school, allowing our graduates quality education right up until matriculation.

THe ithuba

community centre


The Community Centre (CC) serves as a link between Ithuba and the communities of our catchment area. Its aim is to support social and cultural initiatives by community members of all age groups. Based on an emancipatory-participatory approach, it assists community initiatives in organizing and implementing programs and events. This support entails:


  • Providing assistance to workshops

  • Coaching of individuals and groups

  • Preparation and provision of infrastructure, materials, transport, and premises

  • Subsidizing event budgets


In strengthening existing community capacities and resources, the CC seeks to improve the availability of educational, recreational, cultural and social opportunities in the area. The organization of community events supports informal learning processes and the further development of self-efficacy.

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