Build together, learn together



The Austrian organisation s2arch was founded in 2004 and stands for social and sustainable architecture. Since then, s2arch has been implementing social architectural projects in South Africa.


Under the motto 'build together, learn together,' we work with faculties of architecture to provide buildings for kindergartens, schools and other social and educational facilities in marginalised communities.


The principle: students and lecturers of architecture plan and construct buildings in cooperation with unemployed youth from local communities. Throughout this process, community members are trained in building and construction while receiving remuneration. Further training in the field is offered at our Johannesburg skills centre.


The name ‘Social and Sustainable Architecture’ is programmatic: it is 'social' in the sense of promoting mutual learning, workplace experience and income and 'sustainable' in terms of environment and lasting impact on the communities.

our goals

  • Provision of communal facilities (educational, social) in disadvantaged communities.

  • Development of international networks in the field of social architecture.

  • Facilitation of mutual learning between the Global South and Global North in the fields of education and architecture for education.

  • Support of development and the roll-out quality of quality education in disadvantaged communities.​

  • Applied research in sustainable architecture and low-cost construction within the Global South.