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Ithuba is the Zulu word for chance or opportunity.

It is also the name of our schools and vocational skills centre for children and young adults from marginalised urban and rural communities in South Africa.

In communities that are affected by socio-economic challenges, our colleges offer exactly that:

Ithuba – education for a free and self-determined future.



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We are an Austrian initiative in international development, focussing on education and social architecture.


Our aim is to contribute locally and systemically to the improvement of education in marginalised communities in both urban and rural areas. The focal point of Ithuba is academic and vocational education and training (TVET). Through our work we aim at supporting the transformation of the South African education system.


Since 2008, Ithuba has operated a school and a skills centre in the Gauteng province. In 2010, we established an additional school in the Eastern Cape province.

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