Two decades after the end of apartheid high rates of youth unemployment remain a key challenge in South Africa. The public education system focuses on general education and experiences challenges with regards to the quality of teaching and learning as well as high drop-out rates at upper-secondary level. A lack of financial capital often creates a barrier towards tertiary education for young people. Few second chance offers for school drop-outs are available. Our TVET programmes aim at providing an orientation to TVET as an alternative future non-academic pathway (IVET) as well as at providing basic vocational skills for school leavers (Skills Centre/Community Centre).

TVET is an effective measure against youth unemployment and constitutes a key element of the South African education reform agenda. In co-operation with the BMB we support the public education system in providing attractive, relevant and inclusive quality TVET programmes on a local level. Our programmes aim at empowering young people and their households.