The Austrian Association s2arch - social and sustainable architecture was founded by Christoph Chorherr in 2004.

From 2004 to 2007 s2arch built a number of community buildings (kindergardens, schools, facilities for people with disabilities) in cooperation with architecture facilties of European universities.

Since 2008 the association has been building and operating a school in the townships of Johannesburg, as well as one in a „tribal area“ in the poorest region of South Africa, the Eastern Cape.

Basic Idea:

Within the scope of their studies, students of European architecture faculties plan and build community buildings (e.g. schools, libraries, outpatient clinics and facilities for socially deprived people) together with the local population in countries of the South.


  • Realisation of necessary community establishments in squatter settlements in countries of the South
  • Building international networks – establishing links between educational institutions
  • Developing learning processes on both sides (European students – local population)
  • Applied research in areas of sustainable cost-effective building and construction in developing countries