Frequently asked questions & answers

What does „Ithuba“ mean?

Ithuba is a word in Zulu menaning  „chance“ or „opportunity“.

What is Ithuba Community College?

The Ithuba Community College is a school in a very poor township south-east of Johannesburg providing children with basic skills such as English, mathematics or sciences and furthermore building their practical skills in bricklaying, woodworking, electrical installations, etc.

How are these „skills“ delivered?

The buildings are designed and built by European universities. Austrian companies are interested in supporting the development and building process as well. Every year students of European architecture faculties spend 5-6 weeks in Johannesburg for building. The local students are integrated in the process of building and should thereby acquire these skills.

Is this college „just“ a school?

No. This project is meant to be a small town. This is why there are workshops where for example all necessary furniture, school uniforms and products that will eventually be sold to Europe, are produced. Small and affordable „mini-shacks“ (housing) are built to provide European students with a place to stay for the time they spend there. If not used for housing, they serve as little „Training B&B’s“ (bed and breakfast) to guide the young locals on their way to autonomous behaviour.

Who is the owner of the real property?

The real property is owned by Karl Kebert, an Austrian who owns a huge piece of land and runs an economically successful dairy. Karl Kebert is very interested in education, which is the reason why he provided the state with a small part of his property for operating a state school. This school comprises the grades 1 to 7. Karl Kebert was impressed by the association’s achievements in South Africa, which is the reason why he provided Ithuba Community College with more than 22.000 m²  of land for a period of 10 years for now, with the option of being extended.

Who is s2arch and what has the association in South Africa achieved so far?

s2arch stands for social and sustainable architecture and is a non-profit association founded by Christoph Chorherr. s2arch’s goal is to build a network among European universities and other educational institutions to plan and build municipal buildings like kindergardens, schools or libraries. The vision is „build together, learn together“. s2arch supports project development, builds networks among the staff involved in South Africa and helps financing. More than 30 projects have been realised so far.
Who is the project operator of Ithuba Community College?
In South Africa s2arch cooperates with the partner associations ‚Ithuba Community College‘ and ‚Ithuba Community Development‘, which are also chaired by Christoph Chorherr. ‘Ithuba Community College‘ operates the schools and thereby constitutes the legal body towards school authorities and is the employer of the entire teaching staff. Ithuba Community Development is the organiser of the construction projects.

How is Ithuba Community College financed?

The operation of the schools is entirely financed by the Austrian association s2arch - social and sustainable architecture. Applying for public funds in South Africa is possible; a respective application is being examined. Students are not charged any tuition fees.