For the Ithuba Community College following buildings were established in 2008:

mojo classroom - classroom/workshop

University: TU Graz

Project Team:
Gernot Kupfer


ILA goes South Africa!

The ILA Institute for landscape architecture of the BOKU Wien has shown a high level of commitment for this project. Students of the University of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources/ Vienna are designing the landscape of Ithuba Community College.
University: Universität für Bodenkultur Wien

Project Team:
Lilli Licka, Alexander Haumer, Arnaud Foramitti


administration building – reception, workshop, administration

University: FH Salzburg / TU Graz

Project Team:
Peter Stiehl


residential unit 1 - housing

University: TU Graz
Peter Schreibmayer (Master Thesis)


residential unit 2 - housing for teachers

University: TU München

Project Team:
Markus Dobmeier 



residential unit 3 - housing unit

Place: Magagula Heights

Project Team:
Birgit Kilzer (Master Thesis)


Ithuba hall - multi purpose hall

This „hall“ serves for events, theatre and dance. At the same time it can be used as a classroom.

University: RWTH Aachen
Project Team:
Bernadette Heiermann

RWTH Aachen, Montic 2